Exciting Sandbar Trips in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sandbar Cruise with Soflo Tiki, Fort Lauderdale

Welcome aboard Soflo Tiki, Fort Lauderdale’s premier provider of thrilling sandbar trips and boat tours! Make your next Florida vacation truly unforgettable by joining us for a sandbar adventure just minutes from the boat pick-up location. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a destination that is genuinely captivating. Set out on a wonderful trip around Fort Lauderdale canals, New River and Intracoastal Waterway ultimately arriving at one of the three well-liked sandbars that draw tourists all year long. 

The first sandbar, sometimes referred to as the Triangle, is located where the New River converges. The Fort Lauderdale sandbar is a hotspot for small boats, pontoons, paddleboards, and more. This is a shallow water bar in the Intracoastal Waterway that is waist-deep at high tide and only reaches ankle depth at low tide. 

Just south of Bahia Mar is Lake Sylvia, another popular spot for a relaxing day trip. Whisky Creek, which is close to John Lloyd State Park, completes the triad and provides yet another lovely location for your exploring.

You can customize each Fort Lauderdale Sandbar Tour to match your preferences. The experience is personalized depending on what you want, so you can see all three sites or concentrate the entire tour on just one. We would recommend booking an eight-hour tour to see all three sandbars and everything in between. 

The Florida sun can be very strong, so don’t forget to pack sunblock, hats, and sunglasses for your outing. Luckily, your tour boat has a tiki roof and other amenities to keep you cool and hydrated during the ride, like ice and bottled water. During your trip, it’s important to stay hydrated. 

Soflo Tiki Cruise underway

Departure times are offered morning through early evening to catch gorgeous sunrise and sunset views. Imagine how romantic it will be with your partners. 

Sandbars Near You in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Two girls on a Sandbar Tour swim

The amazing sandbars we visit are located just minutes driving time from our pick-up location. This makes for a quick ride to paradise without wasting valuable time you could spend having fun in the sun. 

As local water experts, we’ve discovered the best location sandbars, taking into consideration depth, crowds, and overall enjoyment. Leave the navigation to us while you party in tropical style!

Sunset Sandbar Boat Tours

What better way to end a day in Fort Lauderdale than watching a magnificent sunset sky unfold as you lounge with friends on a private boat? You can soak at the sandbar when the sun is high and continue into sunset cruise watching breathtaking scenery as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow across the water. 

Dance into the twilight with music playing as you enjoy a chilled cocktail and appetizers before heading back to the dock under the moonlight. Perfect for couples, friends, and proposals!

Groups, organizations, companies, and all adventure enthusiasts often choose our tiki boat trips for exploring scenic waterways, superyacht sightings, and team-building activities like the exhilarating moment we dropped anchor at the sandbar playground. 

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Here are answers to common questions we receive about our Fort Lauderdale sandbar experiences:

If canceling with 48 hours or more notice, we provide a full refund or future credit. Under 48 hours incurs a 50% cancellation fee.

We supply bottled water and a cooler filled with ice. You are welcome to bring your own preferred refreshments on board or stop at waterfront bars and restaurants to replenish your stock.

Our vessel accommodates anywhere up to 6 passengers. Call us if you have a larger group and we will bundle you up with additional boat (subject of availability.) We have options perfect for couples, families, groups of friends, and more!

Our sandbar adventures are appropriate for all ages, from small children to seniors. Contact us to find the perfect excursion for your group’s demographics.